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  • Lifting the lid of the termite farm

    Lifting the lid of the termite farm

    I recently had a disappointing experience where I got some disturbing clarity about a number of things. It’s painful to realize that others have used you and your private expression over a number of years in order to support their own psychodrama, casting you, baselessly, as a perpetual villain while they get to take turns…

  • Two steps forward….

    Two steps forward….

    Excitingly, I had my frame removed last week. Since then, I’ve been sleeping between 9-12 hours/night and am still finding my feet, quite literally. I’m now in a walking boot, which I actually only MUST wear for going out, but it feels protective to keep it on more often than not in my apartment. I…

  • the mess

    the mess

    The first time I had ankle surgery, it was on accident. I had had no choice but to trust the medical personnel taking care of me, at a point when my trust in institutions and helping people in general was pretty low. I was really lucky to land in excellent, compassionate hands with my surgeon.…